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My gorgeous girl has had her 1 and only litter of 8 beautiful Labrador X border collie pups. Mum is my girl of 3years, black Labrador. Dad is part of our. Here I have an adorable litter of labrador cross collie is there eight weeks two days old they were born and raised around my two children they are. Labrador x collie puppies for sale. The Border Collie Lab Mix size comes at around 15 – 17 inches tall 38 – 43 cm. The Lab weighs between 55 to 75 pounds 25 -34 kg, while the Border Collie ranges between 30 to 45 pounds 14 – 20 kg. The Border Collie Lab mix weighs around 35 to 50 pounds 16 – 23 kg. Borador females tend to weigh lighter than the males. Border collien fäller genomsnittligt. För att pälsen ska hålla sig fin måste den borstas minst en gång i veckan. Rasen har en livslängd på mellan 12 och 15 år. Historik: Border collies är vallhundar och framavlade för att valla får, men de kan valla i princip vilken flock som helst, till och med barnen i familjen.

I rescued a lab border collie mix who lived to be 17 yrs old. She was the best pup ever!! Smart, loyal and loving until the very end. Of course it only took me about 2 months to rescue a new lab border collie mix because even though I have two other adult dogs cocker spaniels who I love dearly I.</plaintext> 8 St Border collie valpar,blandras. 3 tikar,5hanar. Fadern renrasig Border collie, moder 75% bordercollie och 25% labrador. men ser ut som en Border collie. citat från Svenska Kennelklubben. "Border collie är i alla avseenden en snabb, livlig, energisk och uppmärksam hund.</p> <p>2017-06-16 · The Labrador retriever and border collie are both intelligent, willing to work and energetic; however, they channel their efforts in very different ways. If you adopt a border collie and Labrador retriever mix, it will take some time to learn which genes reign supreme. No matter what wins out, count. Description. The Borador is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between the Border Collie and the Labrador Retriever. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of. Border collie Här hittar du valpkullar, se längre ner, för den hundras du har valt samt värdefulla råd, specifikt för denna hundras. Tänk på att Svenska Kennelklubbens Kö regler för valphänvisning kan skilja sig från rasklubben, se länk nedan.</p> <p>According to American Kennel Club standards, the border collie's height ranges between 18 and 22 inches at the shoulder, while the Labrador retriever's height ranges between 21.5 to 24.5 inches. The Lab's weight runs between 55 and 75 pounds, while the border collie ranges between 30 and 45 pounds. In both breeds, males are larger than females. 2014-05-23 · Border Collies are the 1 smartest dog breed ever! They know how to hypnotize sheep with an intense stare. Let us know in the comments if you want to see a video about a specific breed. Best Breed Ever! is your ultimate. The Border Collie is a beauty-with-brains dog whereas Golden Retriever has a reputation of being lovable, playful, and a loyal dog. Now you must have gotten an idea what your Golden Border Retriever is going to be like. This wonderful hybrid inherits many positive traits from both the parents. 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